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Corporate gifting has now become an inevitable part of the corporate culture. No doubt a meaningful corporate gift is one of the best ways to build a good rapport with the affiliates of the company or boost employee morale.

India’s leading luxury conglomerate, Reliance Brands and Genesis Luxury, brings to you a mélange of international labels from around the world. Our brand portfolio offers thoughtfully curated gifts to enhance the experience of corporate gifting. From innovative designs and quality to personalized services, we are constantly redefining art of gifting.

Luxe Gift Card

The essence of luxury gifting lies in the shopping experience -Our curated Luxe Gift Cards serve as a one stop solution for all your gifting needs. We ensure you to find the perfect gift for every occasion with a diverse choice of 34 global brands in our portfolio, all accessible under one card.

The Luxe Gift Card can also be personalized with any company logo.

To know more about Gift Cards, write to us at marketing@genesisluxury.com